A japanese term that describes a person or thing to be related to either darkness or evil.
by YK June 4, 2004
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Yami. This name belongs to an amazing soul. So precious she will make all your problems go away. She is someone you can always count on. Even through some of the stickiest situations she will pull through. If you are dating a soul with this name you are in for an interesting life. She will always be offering new ideas and solutions. Not to mention her attitude is so seducing so be careful. Not only a great family companion but will birth only the healthiest babies. You may even see your self at your best version. Yami will bring out the absolute best of you. She will encourage you to be your self. Around her your ego will dissolve. It might feel like your whole life is changing. This person can have such an impact it can be scary. If you don’t know how to give her space she can easily get overwhelmed and find someone else. Keep her always happy and always provide her with all she needs. Words can only describe so much of what this soul can offer. If you find your self with a soul that shares this name you better do everything in your power to keep her in your life. This kind of love is very rare, consider your self very fortunate if you have this person around you.
Something Like An Angel Walking Earth That Is Yami
by OneSoulUponUniverse September 19, 2018
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An ancient pharaoh from Egypt on the tv show called Yugioh. In Japanese, Yami means "Dark"
So when we call Yami Yugi, it means "Dark Yugi".
by Janet January 13, 2004
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A sweet Girl with a good caring heart.She is also a weirdo as well but you will get use to her.She is funny as well.And also she is so unique then anyone else in her family.
Wow did you see that yami?
by Sprinkled.Emmy June 21, 2017
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the other counterpart of Yugi. He is a master of all games for some reason and loves to mess around with Kaiba's head. He's often lost in his memory, but that doesn't matter because he can crush everyone that stands in his way getting his memory back.
by digi148 July 31, 2003
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The final boss in the game Okami. The ruler of darkness and all evil beings. He is seen most of the time as a huge mechanical ball, which changes form 5. fricken. times. Each form is more challenging than the last, and each uses a different kind of attack.

In the beginning of the battle, Yami will steal all of your godly powers, and you will have to gain them back one at a time throughout the battle.

The battle of Yami will be a long one wrought with dangers. Good luck.
by Comito March 14, 2007
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She'll take your breath away, completely her beautiful smile and sweets laughter will have you head over heals in minutes. She's so attractive, with lucious pink lips, a tiny waist, rock hard abs, perfect hair, killer eyes and dat ass....yum.
That Yami is smokin
by alextpierce56890 September 1, 2017
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