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Loving, caring, prepossessing and best girl ever...
Selfless and caring...
Will be always there for you no matter what, just learn to keep her as good as she is...don’t lose her
Ben: Do you know ? Yousha, “what’s she like”
Me: Don’t get me started
by Jakemarane February 13, 2018
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Arab world. Other name similar to Yousha: yoosha, yusha. (Arabic: يوشع). Meaning of Yousha: “god is salvation” / “brave”...
Sam: Who’s your date.
Levi: Yousha
Sam: wow pal U got real good lucky.

Jessie: I took Yousha some homemade cookies, hoping to abate her sadness.
by Jakemarane February 14, 2018
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Name describing a perfect female. Beautiful, intelligent, sexual, stylish, and with a great personality...Extremely gorgeous, goddess of beauty, fair complexioned, has the best personality type and the most loved one. Life of the party who everyone wants to be around....Precious. God gift
Her:Oh I wish ,I was Yousha.
Me: Laughing in mind because she is thinking of the impossible.

Me: I like her
Diya: I break up with you
Me: Thx now I can try on her.

Levi: I like Yousha to the bottom of my heart.
Melina: Propose her
Levi: I guess she will say no
Melina: try at least.

Dino: I love Yousha. She is so caring and cute, hot and perfect...
by Chloe7318 February 13, 2018
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