This is one of, if not the, strongest "ur *relative* *LGBTQ+ trait* sentences around. Saying this will not only vaporize the person you were talking to, but have very bad effects on anybody around. People very nearby (5-10 feet) will die or (at 10 feet) fall into a coma. At 11-25 feet, people will contract pontentially fatal diseases and get radiation poisoning. At 26-35 feet, people will have lesser diseases, like diarrhea or hiccups and some radiation poisoning. At 36-50 feet, people will get a tiny amount of radiation poisoning and get a cold or the flu. At 50 to 150 feet, people will feel the shockwave of you saying "your grandfather bisexual", and feel as though you had just insulted them personally. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
Joe: We could have avoided all the radiation fallout of the nukes in WW2 if we had just sent them a letter saying "your grandfather bisexual".

(Wyatt is dispersed throughout the known universe.)
(Everyone within 150 feet feels the effects of Joe saying "Your grandfather bisexual".
(Joe gets 5000 life sentences with no parole from the President of the United States.)
by Rennie22 March 12, 2018
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Even worse than Your granny tranny and your dad lesbian combined. Whenever used, it will end a planets life of any choice it chooses.
Kris: Pass me the chips or your mom gay
Shally: No get it yourself. Your dad lesbian and your granny tranny combined.
Kris: Your Grandfather a Shlother.
Shally: *explodes along with another planet into the depths of space*
by PooPooHead76 March 16, 2018
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to try to teach somebody something that he knows far better than you.
He knows how to write good English. And that is too far better that you. Do not teach your grandfather to fuck.
by uttam maharjan August 17, 2010
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your grandfather is someone that owns you.
will smith : who owns me
dog : your grandfather does
by tofu craver January 6, 2023
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