The new "the dog ate me homeowork"
Teacher: and what exactly happened to your homework this time?
You: you're mom happened

by Emily Weaver May 8, 2005
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An overused phrase (much like your mom), especially in jokes, or heated conversation. Also serves as a mark of stupidity when you can't come up with anything else to say.
Person One: Well that sucks...
Person Two: That's what your mom said last night..
by Yoor Mom May 4, 2003
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"your mom" tries to make the victim believe that the attacker is acquainted with the victim's mother.
Victim: I can't seem to get this to function properly.
Attacker: I can't seem to get your mom to function properly.
by Peter March 14, 2004
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1)A mindless insult when one has no other comeback.

2) Used in the form of a "Your Momma"
joke (see below)
- "You suck balls, man"
- "So does your Mom"


- "You're such an idiot!"
- "Your Mom!"


- Your Mom is so fat, she got hit by a bus and said, "Who threw that?"
by (c) RiCaRdO July 8, 2004
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a word that is used when you don't feel like answering a question that is asked, even if it doesn't make sense.
your sis: dude, what are you watching
you: your mom!

bob: hey, what time is it?
you: your mom!
by texas August 5, 2003
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The first or second in an almost ritualistic chain of insults. Can also be used as a stand alone insult. It is best used by mixing it with part of the first speakers sentence. Often used when A: it makes no sense, or, B: it makes way too much sense.
-Ex 1-
Person 1: That's one tall building
Person 2: Your MOM is one tall building!
Person 1: Your FACE is one tall building!!
Person 2: Your MOM'S FACE is one tall buidling!!!
Everyone else in the room: Ooohhhh!!

-Ex 2-
Person 1: I don't think i'm gonna to make it to friday.
Person 2: Come ON man!
Person 1: Hehehe... I'll come on.... YOUR MOM! OH!!
by ymf December 22, 2007
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