the equivalent of the rap special olympics most famously known for
Drake- Rich jew from Canada who has the rapping talent of well........ a rich jew from Canada
Nicki Minaj- Writes about .1% of her material and can sing 0% without autotune
Lil Wayne- Defines everything wrong with pop culture narrowly beat out by Soulja Boy for worst lyricist
Wigger Friend: "Dude have you heard the new Young Money song it's so g Lil Wayne is the "troof"
Me: "You realize your pants are around you ankles"
by antipopculture December 10, 2010
The best rap group made.
Consists of Lil Wayne the bar legend. Deake the rap prince and Nicki Minaj as the queen of rap . They r the kingpins of young money. It has brought up many rap artists.
"Have u seen young moneys lay out"
"Yah dude, it is lit."
by baby chun-li May 7, 2020
dat young money sho kno how da game go
by young money May 3, 2005
sick ass mother fuckers that can rap aka Lil Wayne's

fatass: who sings that song 'steady mobbin'?

niqqah; Young MONEY is the name
by YOUNG BITCHH May 26, 2010
A fucking joke. Lead by Lil Wayne who rhymes "fucking" with "fucking" at 10 seconds per rhyme and sounds like a frog with throat cancer. Also consisting of Drake who thinks he's cool? (He was on the teennick show Degrassi...) and Nicki Minaj who is the UGLIEST MOTHER FUCKER I've ever seen with a voice that makes me want to kill myself talking about doing stuff that makes me gag.
Young Money Fake Hip-Hop
by Real Hip-hop listener August 22, 2011
The rare and incurable form of malignant cancer in all rap today. Starring:
Lil Wayne- sounds like a frog chocking on a rock and constantly rhymes nigga with nigga. He also thinks he can play guitar, and so does the swagfag army, when really it sounds like shit and kids these days think Lil "Wang's" the bomb, or has swag or some shit.
Drake-Constantly uses the word YOLO and other stupid acronyms like HYFR or or FLY. In other words-COMPLETE DUMBASS.
Nicki Minaj-Thinks she is so hot and talented. She can't sing nor can she rap. Also threw the sound effects of her masturbating on her songs. AND she has a giant build up of plaque and halitosis in her mouth.
Tyga-Thinks that he is "da shit." Remix in his own lyrics with 2Pac so that automatically makes him a "G." And also says he wants a blow job from an elderly woman.
The list of the shitty rappers (I wouldn't call them that) goes on. But it's pretty much the same thing over and over again.
Below is a description of what happened to me just two weeks ago.
ME: (Song by young money comes on) What the hell is this?
WILD SWAGGOT:(Roughly Translated) Yo niqqa i can't belive u havnt heard dis sheeit yet, yo! I'ts lil weezy featuring drake and tyga aint it swaggin?
ME:No, In fact the more I listen to it, the more tumors begin to grow in my ears.
WILD SWAGGOT:Aw fuk naw man y u hatin on dem u kno wayne tyga and drake got more beeyotches than u, they got da swag, them hoes, and caaash! an wut u got
ME: A brain.
WILD SWAGGOT:maaaaaaan fuk u and your jelly, heavy metal listinin, unswaggin ass, im gon keep jammin to sum REEL musik.(Contines doing what eems to bee a satanic dance ritual. as he dances, more swaggots join in.
(Lyrics coming out of the speakers:(Roughly translated) "does bitches aint got da swagga like swagga swagga like me swagga swagga like me" Every person except the wild swaggot cringes in pain when the horrible moose mating call comes out of the boombox:(Roughly Translated) YAAAHNG MOOOLAH BAAAAYBUHHHHHH!)
ALL EXCEPT FOR THE SWAGGOTS: "Agh!" "My ears!" "Put a cork in it!" "Jesus Christ liberate this angel!" etc
GROUP OF SWAGGOTS: mahyn fuk yall, dont know what reel musyk is, yo. (they continue doing the satanic dance ritual)
ME:Yeah it's time to go home.
by TH1RT3EEN June 20, 2013