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the equivalent of the rap special olympics most famously known for
Drake- Rich jew from Canada who has the rapping talent of well........ a rich jew from Canada
Nicki Minaj- Writes about .1% of her material and can sing 0% without autotune
Lil Wayne- Defines everything wrong with pop culture narrowly beat out by Soulja Boy for worst lyricist
Wigger Friend: "Dude have you heard the new Young Money song it's so g Lil Wayne is the "troof"
Me: "You realize your pants are around you ankles"
by antipopculture December 09, 2010
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Any band that got famous for sucking
Guy 1: Dude how is Nickelback so famous
Me: They're a Monica Lewinsky Band
by antipopculture December 19, 2010
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People found in rural New England. These people tend to be far nicer and more down to earth than those residing in larger New England cities but on the other hand they aren't very educated and don't know much about anything other than where their from. These people can be found throughout Vermont (especially south western Vermont), parts of New Hampshire and Connecticut, and in Worcester and Franklin County Massachusetts.
Bostonian In Western Mass: Those people were very nice but i don't think they had much of an education
Bostonian In Western Mass #2: Must be New England Rednecks
by antipopculture April 14, 2011
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The richest town in Massachusetts. The schools are filled with rich white kids who do nothing besides party & screw. Everyone tries to fit in which means the majority of people from Weston have no personality whatsoever and it is very hard to distinguish one Westonite from another because THEY'RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME! Ultimately Weston is a boring town filled with a bunch of punks with rich parents that will probably end up failing their way through life.
Weston Kid: I'm a loser with no personality. My entire life based around fitting in
Wayland Kid: Leave me the fuck alone
by antipopculture March 07, 2011
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Medium/ small town a bit west of Boston kinda boring but the people who live there are pretty cool especially compared to the assholes who live in Weston and Sudbury. Wayland is divided into two parts the rich people live in the Old Sudbury part of town in the north and the poor people live in the Cochituate part on the south side near Natick.
Sudbury Kid: I can't believe I didn't get an Audi for my 16th birthday
Weston Kid: You think thats bad my parents reduced my allowance to $10,000 a week
Wayland Kid: You guys are fucking stupid
by antipopculture March 10, 2011
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A town in the northwest corner of the state. On paper it looks like a good town because a good amount of people are employed by Williams College and make a good living. The people that aren't affiliated with the college however are just as backward and rednecked as those who live in neighboring North Adams. The town itself is nice although some parts are a bit run down and decrepit. But hey at least its not NA.
Williamstown, Ma is just ok
by antipopculture May 27, 2011
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