Generally used more in a friendly, jocular manner when a homegirl expresses her sexually promiscuous escapades to another homegirl. The typical response is "you a ho!" to show surprise at the situation, but usually not disgust or anger.

It's kind of ghetto sounding, but not as stupid sounding as youz a ho.
Keisha: Oh gurl, I was lookin at my camera from the party last night... I gave a lapdance to Marcus and a blowjob to Jamal!!
Lafonda: Gurl you a ho!
Keisha: Shit gurl I know!
by Laqueshus June 5, 2009
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I place Pink-Eyes-Yellow-Dragon-of-the-Cannabis-Ultimate-Toon-Black-Faced-Sorceror-Clown-Magician-Evil-Thousand-Dark-Mega-Faggot-Forbidden-Assgoblin-Sand-Heat-Water-Stapler-#190,740,910 in defense mode! *takes a breath*
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 28, 2003
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1. A crappy game and cartoon about a kid who looks like he's on drugs and getting all sorts of brain damage.

2. A waste of money.

3. One of the reasons imports can be bad.

4. Yet EVEN MORE proof that people will get into ANYTHING that comes from Japan.

A WORD OF CAUTION TO FANS: Careful, people! Getting into this could result in a lowered IQ!
Japan giving us You-gay-ho is worse than them giving us a full-scale Godzilla sculpture made from sumo poop!
by Jei November 28, 2004
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what you call yugioh playas
Want to duel you gay ho freak
by jonouchi March 22, 2005
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A put-down for an obnoxious, bragging broad that is lying
Clueless Crystal: The coolest guys are hitting on me EVERYWHERE I go!
Sara: You Go Ho! They read about you in ALL the gas stations bathrooms. EVERYWHERE!!!!
by TonilynnAgain December 8, 2019
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