Basically sleeping/dating/living with someone of importance to secure your position in the workplace, especially if said workplace is family-owned and the person you are sleeping with is related to that particular family. Bonus points if you have a kid with that person.
Brian will never be laid off from the company, because he is dating/living with the owner's granddaughter. Oh, and let's not forget - they have a little girl together. Think about it - It's not who you know, it's who you ho.
by bigbreastedbitch April 22, 2011
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When you are in the need of a very smart(not) intelligent(stupid) comeback or insult this is what you say. Guaranteed to have some kind of result.

IN school during lunch

Joe: What the fu** are you doin.
Daniel: Im eating this bread stick.
Liljj: You like you sukin co*k
Sebastian: Oh you just got burned
George: owwwww
Steven: (dirty smile)
Mickey: Just Stares
Daniel: Go to hell george, screw you sebastian, HI STEVEN!, whats he doing here (pointin at mickey)


Daniel: Well,frustrated You should go to idaho because you da ho .
Liljj: wtf
Sebastian: HAHAHAHA
George: walks away in shame
Everyone: oh shit
Chuck Norris: BAHHHHHHHH!!! while firin lazor
by Daniel R. (Danny911) April 25, 2010
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