A Word Originating From Tottenham (FMD, NPK, IDA, C.E, ETC,) North London. Meaning Good, Bye, Easy, And Can Be Used As A Signature Word.

Good: "That caps lookin sho!"

Easy:"Nar Fam, Dat Test Was Sho!"

Bye:I'll See You Man Lata. Sho.

by ALIEDOE January 1, 2009
More slang for "for sure." Comes from fosho or fasho. (slang for slang.)
Person 1: Hey, I'll be there in 20 minutes

Person 2: Sho
by alajelly October 24, 2017
A well tanned, suburban, individual with dark brown eyes, normal when sober, but when high, takes on characteristics of a creature.
I think you should pass the spliff mate, you're turning into a bit of a Sho.
by cuban November 24, 2014
When something looks good or really cool, if your outfit is looking good etc...
Person 1: Oi we have swag trust me!
Person 2: Sho!

On facebook when someone has a picture in which the person is dressed well or looks cool someone might comment:
by MagicMaz October 17, 2011
The correct pronunciation of "sure" for your brooklynese Yiddish grandmother and obsequiously ingratiating wanna-be cool friend trying to use hip lingo but stuck in the 90's alongside use of other expressions such as "the bee's knees" and "coolio."
"SHO I've bin wahrin des glasses since I wuz a little un."
by Cactuspoop September 25, 2014
The word, "Sho", can mean many things. It can be used to agree with someone. Originating most likely as follows, (For sure>foe show>fo sho>sho>Sho!). When saying "sho", you can't say it quietly or else it loses it meaning.

Sho can also be used to say no. Or even goodbye and many other things. Drugs are usually involved when people say sho. It depends on your tone and volume when saying the word.
Guy 1: "Yo! Guy 2! Look at that girl! She fine!"
Guy 2: "Sho!"

Guy 1: "Guy 2! Wanna smoke a jay later?"
Guy 2: "Watch you think? Sho!"
Guy 1: "Sho! See yah then!"
Guy 2: "Sho!!"
by StoningStoner August 24, 2011
Wow hectic
said quickly and pronounced like sure without the r noise
Friend - They've been robbing cash carrier trucks again. They found a way to blow the doors off with an explosive so it's much easier.
Me - Sho, thats hectic bru
by Lanboi June 7, 2018