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a lot like the word chopper (fully automatic weapon,) made famous by lil wayne in his song "so dedicated"
except a yopper is a smg (sub machine gun) usually referring to a mac 11
man I be riding round with that yopper
I pop a nigga like *shhhhhh*
by Sedative November 24, 2012
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slang term for the slang term "chopper". made popular by rapper "plies" a Florida rapper. An ak-57 or similar automatic rifle that can be attained on the streets.
"I got that yopper on me"

"I prefer that yopper, the bullets get there quicker"
by Ravenico February 02, 2009
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Another word for a bong toke of marijuana and tobacco simultaneously(chop). Preferably American Spirit Tobacco due to its potency.
Damn I was hella lomed after that yopper I took.
by Dockinski November 20, 2016
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