A soft ass nigga,buddy like 4 foot nothing...swear he a goon but was homecoming king in high school and graduated then dropped out of a university to do music,this nigga is not a "goon" he isn't real and he can catch the fade anyday
by 904Real_Talk January 3, 2010
Basically means, "ok". A commonly auto-corrected version of "okies" by the Apple iPhone and other IOS devices.
by adam0302 May 31, 2011
A dumbass but cool and crazy nigga who thinks plies is the same as saying pliers.
Interviewer: what does plies mean.
Plies: you know its the shit you use to tighten other shit.
Interviewer: ...... you mean pliers?
Plies: ........ uhhhhhh
by shawtee September 15, 2007
plies is a florida rapper, the hottest thang n tha streetz! he has done songs such as shawty, hypnotized, bust it baby, please excuse my hands, plenty money, want it need it, street light, watch dis, who hotter than me, I chase paper, pants hang low, all black, put it on ya, rob my self, go live, awesome, bruh bruh, becky, medison, she got it made, what ever I say, kitty kitty, just (the tip), + many more great songs! he has colaborated with the likes of akon, t-pain, tank, J. holliday, ne-yo, jammie foxx, jeremih, ludacris, sean garritt, chris J, young jeezy, fella, trey songz, t.i., + many more. he has been featured on songs by artests like ace hood, gucci mane, chris brown, usher, ludacris, young jeezy N more.
a: hey do you listen to Plies? B: HYFR, hottest nigga in the streetz even hotter than 2pac!
by killa98 September 9, 2012
a real nigga...some ppl ,ight say plies means fake but them is just da fuck niggas he talk about in his songs. they cant be plies
when u see a real nigga, you say wats good plies
by real niggas June 4, 2009
Potential Love Interest. This is simply a person that you could see yourself potentially being interested in.
So Henry, still single? Do you at least have any PLIs?
by ARJ714 January 20, 2009
A bastardized misspelling of the English word "please", usually spoken by Polish people on the internet, particularily in games such as Enemy Territory and World of Warcraft. Sadly this is just one of many English words the Polish have bastardized, including "give" (which many Poles spell as "gief").
An example from World of Warcraft:
"Trade Polish dude: PLIS GIEF 1G FOR TABARD!!!!!! PLIS!"

An example from Enemy Territory: