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A soft ass nigga,buddy like 4 foot nothing...swear he a goon but was homecoming king in high school and graduated then dropped out of a university to do music,this nigga is not a "goon" he isn't real and he can catch the fade anyday
by 904Real_Talk January 02, 2010
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A Rapper
Plies (born Algernod Lanier Washington) is an American rapper from Fort Myers, Florida, best known when his entourage opened fire at a nightclub in Gainesville, Florida.
Plies is signed to Slip-N-Slide Records and was the creator of the song I Wanna Fuck You (also called "I Wanna Love You"), which is a hit song for singer Akon and rapper Snoop Dogg. The two removed Plies' verses after he was arrested.

albums so far:
36 ounces
100% real nigga (mixtape)
Da Real Nigga Bible
How im livin' how im livin how im Livin aint nothing like you seen on B.E.T.

Plies is a real nigga dawg
by Elfresh April 14, 2007
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He was Homecoming King at Fort Meyers Senior High School... and he thinks he's real? He better rethink that statement and realize he'd be better off doing a movie for High School Musical... pussy!

Amazing how he was a college dropout. I mean how did he even make it that far? Probably beating up the nerds at school that ANYONE can take.

The club shooting was because his time was up and Lil' Boosie was next. He got mad like a little bitch and ordered his goons, the REAL niggas, to start a fight and shoot up the place. Yes they shouldn't bite the hand that feeds then but I'm sure they can just take whatever they want from Plies and feed themselves.

Plies got scared off stage at an Orlando area nightclub by rapper Trick Daddy. Pussy ran through a crowd of people and out the front door. Then Trick Daddy was assaulted by club bouncers and it's been said that Plies was the one who had assaulted Trick. Probably not, I mean Plies didn't show for a concert the very next day where he and Trick Daddy were both scheduled to perform. So well I guess he IS real... really SCARED.
The way the name came to him is simple actually.
Plies... I will make it easy on you folk.

OK so Plies is a pussy who lies. Pussy is sometimes shortened by its slang counterpart (or simplyfied for those who are following the math part) to "P".
by Raw Doggy May 13, 2010
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One of, if not the wackest rappers in music. Tough talker at 5'6" and 125lbs soaking wet. Has the same rhyme flow in every song he's ever recorded.

Raps about the real thug life of his older brother BG

Is a shame of his educated background in favor of his autistic sounding alter ego.

Makes love raps like Ja Rule while degrading the gullable females (and males) that buy his albums.

An overall disgrace to hiphop, men, and black people as a race.
If you see a rapper who talks like massa just let him know he was free last weekend in one interview, then talk like he just graduated from Harvard in the next, it was Plies
by Dirty Jacksons April 15, 2009
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the name of one of the most grammatically deprived rappers on the scene...his rhymes are kindergarden good at could definitely be a GED grad to understand his thought process on his songs...for a guy to talk as much BS as he does, you wouldn't believe the dude is like 30 years old, 5'4 and 100 pounds soak and wet..i mean come on the dude is from Fort Myers, FL (and having been down there on many occasions myself), there is nothing that particularly hood about living there unless you consider lakeside beach houses and courtyard malls "thuggin"....another ridiculous lame-o, reject in his thirties fooling all of the sponge like minds of little brainless teenagers and "so-called" hood kids..
PLies: "ye no me main i be dat boy who spit auh rawness for my busey-babe!!"
by intelligent black man August 25, 2008
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A rapper who people beleave to be the realest rapper alive & even the best alive! it makes me lol! because he is garbage & raps offbeat with a disgusting accent. He raps like he has cerebal parlsy.
He claims to be the most street rapper out thier yet every song on his album contains an r&b singer. He is like bow wow only he sounds retarted!
Realest rapper my dick, plies ain't shit! wanna listen to a real rapper listen to nas,immortal technique, or even kanye!
by PURPLE KOOL AID June 26, 2008
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The fakest rapper to ever emerge from Florida. Representing (or rather disgracing) the city of Fort Myers, he is well known for his tough-guy talk, no actions to prove bullshit lyrics, along with girl rap type tracks such as "Hypnotize," and a bunch of other garbage like that featuring "singers" such as T-Pain and Akon. A 31-year-old rookie rapper with just 1 release under his belt which consists of some of the worst lyricism in history, is filled tracks about him talking about how hard he is and how much pussy he supposedly gets, Plies commands little or no respect at all in his hometown of Fort Myers and throughout the rest of Lee county. Though Plies swears he is the "realest nigga," during the time he claims to have been doing dirt all he really was doing was attending college, working at the YMCA, and racking up traffic citations (the only marks on his criminal record along with the publicity stunt nightclub bullshit in which 5 innocents were injured because his young stupid clique randomly fired shots at a crowd of 20 year old girls). He is well known for not showing up for his scheduled concerts, and if he infact does show, it is 10 minutes before the club shuts down and he comes in stumbling drunk, sluring his already horrific lyrics. Plies was recently scared off stage at an Orlando area nightclub by fellow Florida rapper Trick Daddy. It is said that Plies ran through a crowd of people and out the front door of the club as Trick Daddy chased him down ready to beat his ass for being such a flaw little cunt. Soon after, Trick Daddy was assaulted by club bouncers and it has been falsely rumored that Plies was the one who had assaulted Trick. However, these rumors have been laid to rest after the fact Plies did not show for a concert the very next day where he and Trick Daddy were both scheduled to perform. The only people who listen to Plies "music" are stupid young gitterbugs, 15 year old girls with half a brain, and wanna be gangsta pussy boys. His name Plies comes from the words Pussy and Lies...Pussy + Lies = Plies.
Stupid Young Git: "man dawg, Plies the realest, he the best rapper out right now!"

Average Person With a Brain: "You dumb fuck...Plies is about as real as the Easter Bunny, stupid fuck nigga."
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