Figuratively: The act of being fucked over, owned or turned down. Used in place of screwed.

Literally: Restrained, as in an ox.
A: "Man, did you see Matt at the show last night? He didn't get his tickets online and they were sold out at the door. "

"Yeah I saw him get out of line and call his mom to pick him up."

"That sucks dude, he got totally Yoked."

B: "Man that ox is so Yoked"
by Bluntman Chronchitis November 13, 2010
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to suffer a blow to the face
sustain bodily injury housedrocked
Yo G, DeLahoya got yoked in that last round
by BMONEYLUV January 20, 2005
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the opposite of emancipated but not quite the extreme connotation of enslaved;

controlled and lacking freedoms

applicable to describe the legal and social constraints of being an unemancipated young person
I couldn't see a doctor, open a coinbase account, watch a PG 13 movie at school, or take an uber without my parents. So yoked.
by degreeless_etymologist May 19, 2018
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