Excessively over-built musculature.
As in... Christopher Bates.
by MRN February 24, 2004
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Bro, I got home at midnight last night, I'm yoked.

I've had like 15 shots: I'm yoked.
I was so yoked to see her!
by ryryrocks November 26, 2019
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Usually post work out, meaning to be ripped up like Rambo. If you don't have veins trying to come out of your skin, your not yoked.
1. you spent all your rent money on protein? WTF dude?

Yeah, but i'm friggin yoked bro.

2. daily schedule. eat, yoke, protein, eat, maybe second helping of getting yoked.

3. Extreme Beach Body- arms too big for your body = YOKED
by morgizz October 09, 2010
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DEFINITION: v. Equallyoked means that a person who couples up and bonds with another is of the same of very similar civil identity, i.e., equal in groups such as; ethnicity, race, color, political membership, religion, ages, sexual orientation, and marital status n. Liberalists maintain that it means sharing the same spirit.
Pronunciation: eโ€™ quol-lee yookโ€™d
Etymology: Equally (of sameness); yoked (bonded together as a team).
EXAMPLE: An example of being equallyoked would be; when a couple share the same spirit and also are two divorcees about the same age, both without children, date and marry one another-and as a couple are both; white, republican, christian and heterosexual whose ancestors are from quite close areas of Europe.
by ijohn4v8 February 17, 2012
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To takeoff in the polevault with a bent top arm then the arm straightens out producing a violent jerk on the shoulder. The term was developed in the state of Oklahoma.
After he grabbed his shoulder in pain Steve knew he had gotten yoked at the takeoff.
by Big Russ Dog February 02, 2010
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