A person with a tremendous amount of Experience on both the Inside and the outside (if you know what I mean). Also known as Carpenters, they tend to be the most amazing lovers due to their extensive knowledge of how to swing large hammers, working with wood, and of course the use of their hands. Alcoholic Tendencies often accompany such a person, as it acts as somewhat of a coping mechanism for having to work and build all day long, all while carrying around very large testicles. You can find them on almost any jobsite, just keep an eye out for the guys walking around with large bulges in the fronts of their pants.
Hey is that guy an Interior/Exterior Specialist? By the look of that busted zipper on his pants , I'd say yes!
by Gman86Backup January 11, 2018
Used as a verb.

to "get exterior" means to get rowdy, get ready to party, or rally a ton of booze. Most commonly used by frat boys
"The kegs just landed, lets get exterior."
"You boys ready to get exterior tonight?"
by GlucoseGod September 2, 2021
A form, being or presence that can be blamed when u do not wish to take the consequence of your actions.
(Hershy hits Borrish in the face.)
Borrish: Owww what the hell was that for.
Hershy: What you goin onna bout, that clearly wasnt me.
Borrish: Yeah it was, I saw you do it!
Hershy: No you didn't, it was an exterior life-form.
Borrish: Oh, thats ok then :)
by Ben_Robbie February 9, 2009
To fight, scrap, squabble, or squash beef
Xan wanted to get exterior with his mom after she said she didn't feel his fiance Molly's vibe.
by Kushlossus of Klout November 24, 2020