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basically a bitch but with a Y. its not quite offensive to the females but gets your point across.
AYYY YITCH give me some knowledge (head)!!!
by lina lumps February 19, 2008
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Fine looking bitches.

Can also be known as "yitch", a single bad bitch.
Person 1: Bad yitches incoming twelve o' clock.

Person 2: Are you an idiot? Theres only one. Bad yitch incoming.

Person 1: Oh you righhhttttt.
by Ray2Saucy January 06, 2013
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Subsitute word for something you don't want to say infront of others. Also meaning something or someone is cool.
" Your yitch is inside out "
" That girl is the opposite of Yitch "
by Magee Secondary Students April 17, 2009
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someone who's funny but also really wild
Ahaha I love her because she knows how to be a yitch

She's the funnest yitch I know
by lil uzi suze February 18, 2017
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