A word used by neurodivergent people ( usually ) to convey how excited they are when they can't think of the words
"I just got a part in the school play!"

by Moca ☆ January 19, 2023
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From a guy that that got to drink soda and play Fortnite!
he so happy!!!
by boogieseeee February 21, 2023
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(n.) referring to that of younger girls, usually teenage, that are superficial in nature, and they are very 'sqeaky'. They're fake, and they usually possess identity issues. They don't know who they are, so they copy off of a popular icon and think they own the world. Also, they don't have a clue - about anything really.
Michelle: Wow, look at that cute guy over there working at Dairy Queen. He shouldn't be working there, he should be a model.

Heather: Yeah, but he's a player. Look at him flirting with those yippees!
by Mitchello78 April 25, 2008
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Yippee but you don't have the mental capacity to say it correctly
Man: Yippee! I just nuked Hiroshima!
by K3R!X June 30, 2021
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A small creature otherwise known as TBH.
Did you see that new Yippee variation?
by LEGOJoey September 1, 2023
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A humourous term given to a woman's vagina.
I pounded that yippee bog!
by jace windu November 21, 2005
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