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yian is a friendly guy once you get to know him.He doesn't like showing his emotions. He is known for his good looks and has many girlfriends. He likes changes his mind and doesn't like being out of money. He is very smart and his voice is very low and soothing. Any girl would like him he could win you over in a instant. He always says the right thing but is a little controlling. If you ever meet a yian like this don't fall for his charms . if he isnt like this go gor it! goodluck with yian
jake- dude who is that guy at the the bar all the girls are with him
marcus- that is yian
by RealTruth291567 August 19, 2017
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A really likeable person. Their personality is truly different and special from other beings. Usually friends with everyone they greet. Really likeable, kind, caring, very crazy, loud, extrovert, and lastly very determined person. Yian will probably become a very successful person when they are older and become known to the world. They are friends with everyone and if someone doesn’t like Yian your loss.
Omg Yian is so funny and crazy. They are friends with anyone.
by Anonymous Person On Urban June 25, 2018
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