The cornish come from cornwall. They are more clever than you think and have an excellent sense of humour.

One thing occasionally overlooked is that the cornish are actually celts. They are related to the irish, scottish and welsh, not forgetting the bretons. When naming the celtic countries, cornwall should be mentioned, but sadly never is.
Man 1: The cornish?

Man 2: Yeah, part of a great race of people called the celts!
by morwenna April 10, 2006
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1. a nig
2. a person who laughs non-stop and constantly touches asian boys' hair
3. A beer pong champion
4. A dick-sucking bitch who sucks at super smash brothers.
5. An anime master
Man you such a cornish, go get me a toothbrush.
by Dan Chan April 18, 2008
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The Language of Cornwall (UK, not Stateside!) known, obviously, as Cornish. Linked to the other Celtic/Gaelic languages (where they still exist).
Kernow A'gas Dynnargh!
Cornwall Welcomes You!


Kernewek Mar Pleg!
Cornish Please!
by Elyssa Sylverwing December 4, 2005
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1.) To bring a forum thread to a screeching halt, to side rail and deliberately confuse all who contribute.

2.) One who pours paints on his wheel chair and spins around on a piece of canvas to call it art.
1.) Wow he just Cornished that thread.

2.) Look at this disturbing Cornish.
by fickwitchew March 5, 2010
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Fat. Extra fat. The act of becoming fat. Can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb.
He ate a number 1 from Carls Jr., an oreo shake, and a meal from Long John Silvers? That guy is cornish.
by Poppa E March 10, 2009
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To do a 'Cornish'; behave violently, as if in a great rage

a state of extreme anger;

to be shrouded in red mist - can be associated with random acts of suitcase throwing, a barrage of expletives and general rage

Can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb.
"He has just done a Cornish!"
by WeddingGuest July 3, 2009
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