'Yew' is a type of wood used to make long-bows (bow and arrow) in the dark ages.

Although, 'emo' kids use it as a substitute for 'you'. Both contain three letters, fuck knows why they spell it that way. Probably for attention. 'To be different'.

Different? Eh, not so much. Stupid & illiterate? Indeed.
Ermageeeerd, yew look so gawjas. Yew are so daaaaark. So emooo. Bleh. Hate my life. :'(
by PewnSlayer69 July 16, 2014
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said when happy, or just bored and nothing else to say.
1#- motherfuckers gonna get hit

2# yew!

1# yeah so we broke up and i was so depressed

2# yew!
*signs out of msn*

1# shoot me noww
by ladlan August 26, 2008
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YEW. You Evil Woman/women. Usually said in jest when responding to a good joke from a female. It sounds like a familiar term but is expected to be understood by the woman/women spoken to.
{speaker 1}When I said I was looking for frogs I meant I was looking for my prince. I was referring to YOU.

{speaker 2}Oh... YEW!!!

{adequate, passionate kissing activity - normally when speaker 2 is male}
by RichardNW March 16, 2011
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Typical Cornish greeting probably more used in West Cornwall. It might of meant Thursday in cornish which was market day so could have meant see you next Thursday. Or see you dreckly.
by Emptyknight July 11, 2020
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A Friend/ Close friend who values the dollar more than your friends. A low moral person From Bangkok. Usually cheap / Frugal. Always looking a Hook up. Low moral. Cheap. Lies his or her was into getting something cheap. Eats for Free and Never pays.
PR I hate going out with to dinner. He’s suck a Yew.
by Tony. October 12, 2020
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