an annoying and completely pointless way of saying 'you'. mainly used by scene kiddies who think that spelling mistakes are cute. other annoying and poinless words include corrrr, phit, yumm and over using letters, eg. "corrrrr yewwww ar phitttt!"
so irritating! get a dictionary why dont yew? oh wait...
scene kid pic commenting- "heww, yew look loverlyyy boyyyyyy, zomggg so phitttt!!!"
by smileybum May 21, 2008
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A word often used by people in the industry of action sports. The word 'yew' is mostly used by younger scooter riders and skaters. This word shows excitement and happiness when landing a trick.
Yew that was a sick trick dude !
by aiden is not cool January 31, 2019
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1. a word used as a greeting in various cornish places, usually replacing hello.
2. a word used to describe excitement, or covering up disappointment
"yew boy, what's on cock?"
"man i just got punched in the face, yewwww"
by baldddd August 16, 2008
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A combination of yes and eew.
Person A: Hey did you see that?
Person B: YEW! Don't remind me.
by spyguy_999 May 12, 2003
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