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Girls that just cannot say no to a hook up.

A yes girl must be conscious and not drugged, or boozed up. The girl says yes because it what she wants to and she knows what she is getting and is not being manipulated, or coaxed into saying yes through false promises.

Horney permiscuious girls, who act out on their emotional drives.

A yes guy's wet dream come true.
The faternity claimed they were inundated with yes girls.

However, the university closed the faternity down for several years after finding the frat house was using date rape drugs and alcohol to get minors high and wait till they passed out. Five of the frat members are still in jail, after having sex with unconscious underaged woman. The woman who woke up the next day naked in places they had no memory of going to, said their last memory was of falling sleepy after drinking lemonade at the local soda shop.
by mlhiss April 30, 2008
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A girl who says yes to everything they are asked to try and gain popularity.
Guy 1: Do you like cheeseburgers?
Girl: Yes!
Guy 2: I though you were a vegetarian?
Girl: Yes!

Guy 1: Dude, she's such a yes girl.
by adnarim. April 07, 2010
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