A girl who says yes to everything they are asked to try and gain popularity.
Guy 1: Do you like cheeseburgers?
Girl: Yes!
Guy 2: I though you were a vegetarian?
Girl: Yes!

Guy 1: Dude, she's such a yes girl.
by adnarim. April 7, 2010
Girls that just cannot say no to a hook up.

A yes girl must be conscious and not drugged, or boozed up. The girl says yes because it what she wants to and she knows what she is getting and is not being manipulated, or coaxed into saying yes through false promises.

Horney permiscuious girls, who act out on their emotional drives.

A yes guy's wet dream come true.
The faternity claimed they were inundated with yes girls.

However, the university closed the faternity down for several years after finding the frat house was using date rape drugs and alcohol to get minors high and wait till they passed out. Five of the frat members are still in jail, after having sex with unconscious underaged woman. The woman who woke up the next day naked in places they had no memory of going to, said their last memory was of falling sleepy after drinking lemonade at the local soda shop.
by mlhiss April 30, 2008
a girl, who on myspace.com, answers yes/yes to the questions smoke/drink...you should stay away from these girls because they will become fat white trash, baby factories when they grow up
So I saw this hot ass bitch on myspace last nite...but she was a yes/yes girl...
by aksjdfskdafjslfj March 4, 2007
Hi, if you’re reading this ily. Ily, ily, ily. you’re beautiful and amazing and i love you. And i love you. and i love you. and you’re beautiful. And i love you. AND DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. even tho i just did. It’s fine if you don’t listen to me but i love you.
by Steve Rogers himself ✪ October 16, 2019
A type of comment that is typically common on "floptok". It starts with "Girl YES" and is followed by (an) extremely disturbing sentence(s). Common characteristics of these comments include use of heart related emojis (♥🥰😍😻🤞), "Poosay" "cvm" or other "-ussy" words, mentions of the preserve haunted house, twitter links, and/or various other strange, disturbing topics.
Commenter: "Girl YES! I love shoving spider eggs up my poosay and when they hatch they scratch the spots I can't reach 😍
OP: What the fuck
by Person12350 April 12, 2022
A type of copypasta going around inside comment section on meme or satire accounts on tiktok, the type of ones @fantazticc._ @jojacath and @cardibbq run, it started with one that looked like ''GIRL YESS !!! i want my dad and uncle to rail me soooo bad, their piss on the toilet turns me on'' they are funny but often a bit disturbing
''GIRL YES!!! ur invited to the party at the haunted house tonight with my perverse family, be sure to come''
''GIRL YES!!! i love smelling my cousins dirty underwear, sometimes when im lucky they even have a stain of cvm on them, they turn me on''
''istg if i get one more of those GIRL YESSS comments i will kms''
by x3st0rt December 1, 2021
Girl yes! millie bobby brown has ur exact location. to avoid her, you must prove that you are not in your flop era. and then ill meet you at the haunted house #wap
Girl yes! cupcakkesbussylice has invited you to the haunted house tonight. no flops allowed or ill call millie bobby brown on you
by cvmsthethic🥰💅 January 17, 2023