You Enjoy Myself. An incredible song by phish, which is over one million times better live. Its one of Phish's most popular jams, and one of the best. Rumor has it that the lyrics, Washa Uffizi drive me to Firenze, were derived from when phish was in italy and their taxi driver, Washa Uffizi, got teribly lost when trying to take them to a museum in Firenze,Italy
Yo im stoned as hell, what phish song do you want to listen to?

Yem it up! Put on that sick live from the Camden show
by Guyute August 31, 2004
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Another better way to say ''yummy''.

Referring to something (or someone or some kind of situation) delicious, tasty or just nice :D
(Not only can be used on food, but also someone who is looking very attractive / sexy / hot etc.)
Example 1:
''Hey bro, check out that girl's butt! Yems...''

Example 2:
''This double cheese burger tastes AWESOME! Yems...''

Example 3:
"By the time I finished work and reach home, my wife will have the dinner served on the table, YEMS"
by blackjeanz April 26, 2017
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Acronym for "You Enjoy Myself," the mightiest and greatest of all Phish songs. The best versions include 10/31/95 Rosemont Illinois, 10/31/96 Atlanta Georgia, and 5/5/93. Written by Trey Anastasio, the person who kept guitar music alive in the 1990's. This song is one of Phish's first. It varies from a few seconds long (the White Tape) to nearly 42 minutes long (10/31/95).
Phish closed with YEM 8/6/98 at Lakewood in Atlanta.
by Zachée Elliée September 05, 2005
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The acronymn for a song by Phish, a popular jam band that doesn't usually have songs featured on the radio, as they are too long. The song is titled "You enjoy myself" and is 9 minutes, 50 seconds as a studio-recorded single. It has only a few lines of lyrics, which have been deliberated over by many generations of Phish phans. The lyrics appear to be "Boy. Man. God. Shit... Wash uffize, drive me to Firenze." Uffize is rumored to be something similar to "your feetsies" and "Firenze" is a region in Italy. Legend has it that when Phish was in Italy, they were splashing around in a fountain, perhaps leading to the second verse of this song.
It is a classic song played by Phish at many concerts, originally on the 1988 album "Junta".
Man, the live YEM at the concert last month was ten times better than the studio version.
by Emily June 03, 2004
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