participating in any number of sexual deeds. ranging from the knee high to your basic drop and give me 20
- i heard you got sockless last night
- you heard right
by wouldn't you like to know April 25, 2005
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The stylish fashion choice of women and the homosexuals. Used to draw attention to one's ankles.
Omg you look so cute with going sockless in those sneakers Emily!
by June 25, 2021
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Depends on where you live, but the time of year where you can go without socks in shoes, sandals, or be barefoot most of the time. Unless you've got the stench foot rot, it's a groovy time of year!
Jeremy read the weather forecast and then laughed at his sock drawer and said, "Shut up, BITCH!!! It's sockless season for months and I'll see you in October."
by von groovy May 02, 2019
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