A cat from Alabama, Yellow in color, loving in nature. And a fierce hunter of mice.
Yella Cat came in to our lives like a song and left behind a melody we shall never forget.
by mooseshadows January 13, 2015
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The least known member of N.W.A. He is a good DJ too.
A Yella give me one of those funky beats.
by Freakazoid July 12, 2005
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Old-fashioned term for a coward; a wussman of huge proportions; one who has no backbone or the balls to stand up for himself.
That yella bastard is runnin' away from us cuz he's a pussy!
by staccato brainstem February 10, 2005
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Slang used to call a mixed person. mostly used in the south
Bailey joe is a high yella. Her momma is white but daddy is black
by Itsbrittneybitch June 27, 2015
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What the spirit of truth reads from which is in fact not a bible.
Don Vincent: BITCH! im flowing from the survival scrolls
kris: you're smoking the survival scrolls, that looks like the yellow pages to me.
Kris: Nincomfuckingnincompoop.
by The most Ballinest man ever. August 22, 2006
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