Another term for gravity bong rips, GB's or geebs, but nobody knows what a yeeb is so shout it from the mountains!
MOM:what are you boys going to do today?
stonery maroney: yea what do ya wanna do ta day man?
pottty mcganja: lets go take some yeebs!
MOM: whats a yeeb?
by muraaaal December 21, 2010
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yeebs means yes (obviously) and is commonly used amongst the mon ma mes crew (my mates) along with noobs and shmeebs (it means WHAT!). It is an awesome word and should be added to the dictionary!!!
MMM member 1: are you gonna lick that mushroom all day?
MMM member 2: pauses and removes tongue off mushroom yeebs
by gigi oh lala May 5, 2006
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A mixture of the Yeet and Dab. Very Cool. This is the turtsealalo salute.
"Damn Quinton, your Yeebs are on point!"
by Quinton Yuen (Turtsealalo) September 30, 2018
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A mixture of the dab and the yeet. sponsored by the unimora. made by turtsealalo tribe
Damn Quinton, your Yeebs are on point!
by Quinton Yuen (Turtsealalo) September 30, 2018
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yes, or yeah
albanian child: can i have some cheeese?
jimbo: Yeeb.
by Jimbosliced May 29, 2009
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An agreeable weeb. One who always says yee
Me: oi, Avril! You're a yeeb.
Avril: Yee
by Pesta Mesta February 24, 2019
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This phenomenon only occurs if you yeet and dab at the same time
He Wants to Yab/YEEB Nut On Me
He Yabbed/Yeebed His Chains At The Haters
by nutbuster69420robloxcoolkid November 13, 2018
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