An old or unattractive woman. Opposite of moisty.
Dude #1 "That yeastie just tried to pick you up."
Dude #2 "I know, I almost scored."
by peppattyisnotgay February 3, 2008
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a woman who wears extremely tight pants, and now has a visible camel toe.
you dun stop messing with this yeastie
by Dialect of Mecca August 23, 2004
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Extremely tight jeans. They are called yeasties b/c they are bound to cause a yeast infection! ; A term originally coined to refer to women whose pants were so tight it might give them the "yeasties". It seems to be applicable to men in growing numbers these days.
"The New Boyz love to wear yeasties and that is not sexy!"
"Man those yeasties are too tight!!!"
"Would you date a man in yeasties tighter than yours?"
"Do you see that girl in them yeasties?
by Wisdom Simone October 31, 2009
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1. Early onset of alcohol withdrawal, after prolonged intoxication and beginning usually 4-8 hours after the last drink was consumed.

2. Alcohol intoxication.

{Definition is polarised for contextual application}


1. "Good fucking god I'm yeasty. There is no way in hell I'm drinking ever again"


2. "Hey boys, lets hit the town and get YEASTY!! YEEEW!!"

by Jayboy_Evo January 29, 2008
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Similar to Turnt or lit, but stronger.
Bill just slammed two bottles of fireball, smoked 3 joints, now he's on the floor with his dick hanging out, and we're at a wedding. That dude got YEASTY!
by Voodoo740 June 6, 2019
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Nickname for a yeast infection or more commonly a inflamation of the vagina. Caused by bacteria and is very gross

Caused by poor hygine or if a girl is fucked too hard as irratation is another cause
Girl: "God dammit"
Guy: "Whats wrong?"
Girl: "I have another yeasty"
Guy: "Fuckkkkk not again"
by L Patrick May 8, 2011
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