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A lousy wob is a rival foriegn ice-cream salesman, possibly known as seniour wippy. Can also be used as an insult.
Originates from That Peter Kay Thing
'why u lousy wob' mr.softy screamed.
by Jazz January 2, 2005
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Slang for nigga, not a general definition for the black race, only the gangsta perp type-
Neutra please! Instead of Nigga please. If you are a racist this word is not for you, you may get smack down for saying it.
by Jazz April 21, 2005
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acronym for, good from far,far from good.
Yo that ugly hoe was gffffg.
by Jazz September 7, 2003
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a band from the 80's known for their hit "Love Shack"
I've got me a chrysler, its as big as a whale and its about to set sail!! WHOO!
by Jazz July 14, 2003
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a show where homies from all ova go cuz they got no life and cant get laid unless they are on a show.
by Jazz August 1, 2003
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Brilliant poem in which a cat comes to tea. Rhymes throughout and has a great plot. Admired in 11JC. Wrote by Jarred Wileman
'There once was a cat who came to tea, the cat who came appeared to me, to be wearin a jacket that was green pea'
by Jazz January 3, 2005
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