1.Where future presidents 'went'.

2.Also where people 'graduate' then grow up to 'explode' the world, then choke on a prezel.
1. Bush, Dubya.
2. Bush.
by Nik Matt September 25, 2004
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1. Unaccredited university in southern Connecticut.
2. Lock manufacturer.
1. We're sending Jr. to Yale. Why are you looking at me like that?
2. My gym locker is secured with a Yale lock.
by Princeton July 22, 2003
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yale is slang for crack cocaine
suzie won't be finishing high school with the rest of you because the feds busted her for selling yale.
by #@MB3RG3R August 9, 2005
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Ivy leauge university located in New Haven, Connecticut founded in 1701, and has since been producing some of the finest men and women this country has ever seen. Yale is most famous for its high standards of accademic and athletic advancement and development.
Yale kicks the ass out of Harvard!
by preppyguy21 August 17, 2004
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1. The place where you get into automatically if your secondary school education cost more than 15,000 / year. Thus, the logical extention of an elite prep school education.
2. The only college in the world who publishes a full-sized book of drinking songs.
1. Dude, you hear? Another kid got into Yale. It's like Waynflete Upper School Pt. II
2. Let's bust out the beer bong and sing "Drunken Heaven while in New Haven"!
by warspite April 19, 2005
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(noun) a group of children located in an urban slum of Connecticut who spend their time trying to convince others that they are as good as or better than Harvard

(adj) second or third-rate, sub-par, short of perfection, see Cornell
James: "Hey, Neville, congratulations on your admission to Yale. It is among the most prestigious universities in the country!"

Ugggh, this platter of steamed vegetables is really Yale- I'm never coming here again.
by BULLDOGZ! July 22, 2011
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Where all the people who were rejected from Harvard go.
I got into Harvard and Yale. I went to Harvard because Yale sucks
by anonymous August 27, 2004
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