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Yajaira is a beautiful, kind, sensitive girl. You can count on and trust her on anything, she’ll listen to you. Even though she is really kind and sweet, she can also be really mean but she chooses not to. Why hurt her when all she does is be there for you? She is one of a kind, and she also is extremely smart. Both book smart and clever. She has really clear skin, and a good sense of style. Do not make rumors about her and DO NOT use Yajaira as a toy. Yajaira could have the biggest smile on her face but still be crying inside. Don’t underestimate her. She is also extremely beautiful both inside and outside. If you have a Yajaira, dont use her, take care of her because people like her are hard to find.
“That girl is so amazing and pure”
“Of course she is bro, that’s Yajaira
“Should I talk to her?”

Go ahead, but dont hurt her”
by heheheg March 22, 2018
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A Yajaira is a beautiful latin goddess. She is very funny, and super attractive. This hottie will blow your mind with her skills in bed, while also remainimg classy! She's bubbly, outgoing, and loves to go on adventures! Always keep a Yajaira by your side and you can never go wrong, their advice is the best and they're the best friend you could ever have. Yajaira's are very sweet and unique and beautiful eyes.

They will never let you down.
"That girl so sooo beautiful and so sweet!"

"Dude, that's Yajaira!"
by Yoce1234 July 03, 2016
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Beautiful, kind, funny human being . She is a great friend and girlfriend and can be counted on and trusted with anything. super sweet girl, just dont get on her bad side. Very smart and clever. This bitch has some clear skin, usually brown hair. Everyone knows and loves yajaira Tends to hider her feelings alot. If you have a Yajaira, consider yourself lucky because girls like her are hard to find.
by heheheg June 28, 2019
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a Peruvian girl who is very pretty but very annoying, might act similar to an older cousin
yajaira snitched on her sister.
by queen19392913 October 05, 2016
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