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Is a lit person from Algeria and is honest loyal and is usually cute funny and smart.
by Urban2.0 December 17, 2016
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According to Desus & Mero, Yacoub(orYacoubians) is an urban term for a white person doing things inherent to white people primarily. Sometimes funny in nature, this term seems to extend to those who partake in gentrification, cultural appropriation, white savior syndrome, white fragility, white insanity, as well as general crazy things white people do.
Person A: Yo! Is this motherfucker dead ass riding a unicycle in the hood!?
Person B: These Yacoubs out here doin' the most, B!
by prettycoolPJ August 01, 2018
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Yacoub is the biggest fuck boy you'll ever know he's the biggest hardcunt but at the same time is so hott and damn funny
by Aydia July 01, 2017
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An Egyptian name given to someone God-like. They are God-like because they procure the impossible. These God-like people tend to be deemed uncoordinated or challenged, but are still the best in their field.
Oh no! He is going to get embarrassed in the 100m running race. OMG! HE'S A YACOUB!
by poiuytrewqmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsaaydh February 22, 2018
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