Hooters, breasts, boobs, tits, knockers
Check out the yabbos on her
by bakerth December 12, 2005
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A person considered to be obnoxious, stupid, or useless.
"I can't believe that guy tried to rob the bank right after cashing a check with his name on it. What a yabbo."
by J.D. May 14, 2004
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(YAH-BO) a fat girl who thinks that she's fine.
"somebody's gotta tell that yabbo to put some more clothes on... or at least stay the hell away from the beach."
by vicious April 19, 2004
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The Greatest Porno movie of all time, starring Seymore Dicksinhole and Mary Jane.
Guy: I heard the new Holly Yabbo's movie is coming out!
Guy2: Yeah, nigga Holy Yaboo's V: Return of the Grundle!
by Rhyno the Albino June 12, 2003
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the definition of yabbos involves spears formal date.
Farkkk bro that chick is such a yabbos, ill legit give you 100 bucks if you get with her.
by daddy ugh March 22, 2021
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