You say this to someone after you tell them anything. It provokes a response with a sense of empathy.
I want to get tacos in London...ya feel?
by Jake1114 September 20, 2018
When you explain something in the most scientific factual way you can and you feel good about yourself
“Yea 9+10 is 21 ya feels
by Shaboodie QuiQui December 17, 2018
Same as saying I understand but putting a twist to it. Or can be used as a question asking if you understand.
Guy 1: You get it?

Guy 2: oh Ya feel
by Realchumpfolife December 8, 2013
Usually said after a statement to see if a person understands your perspective.
me-if y'all goin to say in here y'all got to sit ,chill and shut tha fucc up ya feel me
my friends-aight man we feel ya*chills and shuts tha fucc up*
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 18, 2004
A question used to describe a persons complete understanding for the situation at hand.
Tony:"She got her hair done with some kool aid"...Ya feel me?
Tony:BriannaBriannaMarieMarie I DONT THINK YOU FEEL ME!
(Happy 21st Birthday)
by Briannamarie November 14, 2012
- then they pulled on me with an uzi, ya feel me? 2022, brooklyn, gang shit ya feel me? but i was chill with em bro, ya feel me
by t00c00lforscho00l March 9, 2022
this is normally said right before you find out that you are either going to lose your day off, stay late, get recalled or just get fucked in general
"you need to rub them cheverons go home take a catnap and we'll see you in the morning, Ya feel me"

"we got class after work and after that your all going to do PT and Im gonna watch you, Ya feel me"

" you're working 11 days straight, suck it up, Ya feel me"

"sucks to be you, Ya feel me"
by youngjoshua December 7, 2007