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multiple definitions: 1. coffeeshop, such as Starbucks; 2. making coffee, preferably expresso or capuccino, at home using overpriced but cool machinery; 3. getting over-excited about something.
1. " Let's drop into the 'feine scene for an expresso and you can tell me all about him." 2. "His whole kitchen is basically one big 'feine scene with this new Italian gismo he bought at Zabar's upstairs." 3. "Chill out, don't get all 'feine scene over this."
by socrates+ March 2, 2006
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Beside or next to. Cozy on up to me.
"Come over here and sit benext to me." Usually said to someone attractive that you don't know, who has to think a bit about what you just said, and therefore doesn't have the time to say, "No way".
by socrates+ January 27, 2006
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The closing salutation in an email from a guy to his love interest, indicating that he is sending her kisses and "really misses her". An alternative to xoxo if you are really feeling her.
(insert body of email)


(insert name)
by socrates+ March 2, 2006
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If you are "all square" with someone (as opposed to being just a square), or you are cool with that person, then you are 5 x 5.
We talked through our differences, so now we are 5 x 5.
by socrates+ January 28, 2006
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