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Nurse - So what did you break?
Chuck Norris - Someone's face
Billy - Ohhh it hurts.... He freakin roundhouse kicked me!
Nurse - Here put your face on the table to take an x-ray
Chuck Norris - Holy shit thats the finest xilf i've ever seen!
Nurse - You can't see x-rays they're invisible.
Chuck Norris - Maybe to you mortals but I'm Chuck Norris
Nurse - Oh yeah sorry i forgot.
by hastatus3 October 25, 2009
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Acronym for "Xylophone I'd Like (to) Fuck"
Damn holmes what a XILF! Her keys are in all the right colors if you know what I mean! I mean I want to stick my cock in between them.
by Trumpet Blower July 16, 2006
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Their curious fear of strangers not withstanding, trolling for xilfs remains one of life's finer pleasures. That and killing hitchhikers.
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
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