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An "Online Rpg" not unlike the several other more popular games on the market today. Xenimus is alike to games such as everquest and dark age of camelot in that it is very addictive. (Addictive does not mean good) Differences include shoddy 1994 grade graphics, extremely harsh experience and gear loss, and full player versus player combat. (on normal servers)

Gameplay is repititious and lacking in any kind of appeal. You play xenimus because you have to, not because you want to.

Strong points: Fast, if not deep, pvp combat. Social engineering to steal gear from fellow players; ie: "Just let me borrow it" *yoink*

costs $5 a month, and you can mail the man (just one guy from wisconson runs this thing) cash, so its userbase consists of adolecents and children that do not have acess to credit cards.

To sum up: Your life is short and precious - don't waste a single second on Xenimus.
If everquest is crack, then Xenimus is paint thinner.
by T-Bone December 22, 2003
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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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I play xenimus 23 hours a day. The other hour is for violent diarhea.
by Apocryphal January 22, 2005
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The game where everyone quits, but no-one leaves.

Everquest for stupid-people/childeren/agressive teens/poor-people.

A particularly strong form of internet crack.
"I dropped out of school to play xenimus full time"

"I lost my social life, and gained an online social life on xenimus"

"I played xenimus for 3 days without any breaks, exept toilet ones"
by Davros February 27, 2004
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the drug of all drugs but online
boring as shit
adictive as hell
will kill ur life
once you play this you will never do anything else
and also can make money if u sell gear (like trafficing lol)
will make u forever stoned
dont try for a single moment
i stopped doing homework and thinking about dropping school to play xenimus full time
by Death Awaits You828112 February 17, 2004
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A low budget game which consists of thieves, asshats, hackers, wannabe killers, little 14 year old bitches who talk shit behind there computer, but don't have the balls to say it to your face. And a few nice people. EJ Thayer, the creator, is a limp dick nerd who failed as a mainstream game creator, so he created this game and makes himself a God to the thousands of hopeless losers that call Xenimus thier 'life'.
Yo, you want to play Xenimus? Nah, let's go play Dark Age of Camelot instead.
by ItDoesntMatter January 25, 2005
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Xenimus is a fairly new drug, introduced and used on the internet. Although relatively cheap, this drug is very addicting, and can cause unsafe ammounts of lazyness, ignorance, and give the user a short temper. Blindness and brain damage may also occur.
"Kampf's addiction to Xenimus is far to strong to help him now"
by Cedric January 22, 2005
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