when you get disconnected in the middle of your conversation, and you forget what your conversation was about.. you say 'www' or Where were we..
betsy: dc, www
bob: you were just telling me how you ran over your dog..
by kirssy May 25, 2009
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* The World Wide Web "aka" Web

* Urban Language in asking a person for their link (E-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Tagworld, ect.) other then their phone number.
"when in doubt, search it on the Web"
"what's the fastest search engine on the Web, I don't know Google It"
"little mama, whats your three -(www)doves
by C2theE June 15, 2008
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"Where Were We". used when you got disconected from the chat room or when chating with someone on a social network and you wana pick up the conversation where you were before you went offline.
guy: i got dc(disconected). www ?
gal: oh we were talking about the weekend mess.
by smyname October 12, 2011
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no one knows what it actually means, but we all use it in world wide websites for no reason anyway.
person1: (typing) www.trump.com
by some white millenial October 21, 2017
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Use this as a abbreviation for the phrase WHATS WRONG WITHCHA...Someone is doing something stupid. You hit them with a WWW
by $N4$ General Co da "G" September 22, 2010
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the rival gang of the KKK (ku klux klan.) they are less severe than the KKK,hence the name WWW (meaning White Whiny Wussies) they dont even go after blacks, instead they hate on chocolate milk. they also pirate rap songs off the internet so they can make Fiddy cent go broke by stealing his music. theyre headquarters is somewhere around washington DC.
the WWW chased the milkman carrying chocolate milk, and slapped him down.
by da hood' July 10, 2004
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Short for whole wide world.

In wrting to avoid spelling out the cliche. Can also be used in speaking as www is known and in this case we get a subtle variation on the original www - the internet thing.
The apocollapse is coming and it's gonna go destroy the www - yeah, the whole wide world, the world wide web, and all. Take care, you read it here, first.
by vivaeastafrica January 20, 2011
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