A way of sayng "lol" on the internet, popular with Japanese Internet blogs and video channels. the "W" is short for "warau", or laugh, in Japanese. the more ws there are, the more epic the laughter. Capital letters may also increase effects.
User 1: WOW! look at this photo i just took of my puppy.
User 2: It looks like mochi ^___^ wwwwww
by LaSouris December 06, 2010
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Wicked Witch of the West.
'Nickname' for an evil (female) person, named after the famous Wizard of Oz movie.
the WWW called again, she wants us to come over for Thanksgiving. No way, if you ask me.
by Bill Bigfoot November 16, 2006
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common street slang for blow, coke & yayo. just like the internet, it is fast speed
bernie: " what are you doing in the computer room?"
jdub: " i'm on the internet. come on it"
bernie. " what's going on? oh, i see. well move over, i wanna surf the www also. gimme that straw"
by flava b (bernie mac) November 20, 2008
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Abreviation for Wibbly Wobbly Wonder. An icepop from 80s Ireland consisting of raspberry and banna icecream, topped with a weird yellow jelly substance coated in milk choclate.
two wibbly wobbly wonders, a big time bar and a packet of cheese and onion tayto please
by Anon January 30, 2004
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World Wide Woman - a good sounding song of Beyonce Knowles.
Beyonce: I'm a world wide woman WWW you can log on anywhere you're girl can take you there.
by dragomir August 12, 2007
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World Wide Web.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area some have cut it down to "all the w's" or just "w's" depending if you're talking fast or faster.
You'll find it at w's-dot-urbandictionary-dot-com.


Go to all the w's - urbandictionary - dotcom.
by Lilymaid February 11, 2004
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