1. The lowest class of Dragon or second highest class of serpent. Has no arms or legs.
2. A demoted dragon due to disobeying its controller
The wurm attacked the village with out remorse
by Ultimate Dragon March 23, 2004
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An animal that looks like a mix of a penis and a mosquito
"ME 2!!"
by Froppy101 November 2, 2019
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A man who is deceitful in nature and will do some slimy shit behind your back without hesitation. Also known as a schemer or a slime.
Joe: Hey, do you want to throw a going away party for Scott since he's leaving the office?
Greg: No way, that guy is a wurm ass nigga.
by Juan DeDepot August 8, 2016
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the wurm virus is what the wurmlingers have. be cautious or stay away from anyone whos related to christian.
stay away from him hes a wurmlinger which means he has the wurm virus
by whoopsipoo June 10, 2022
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Wim but its just Wurm
by NoGGr June 8, 2018
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A wurm is a specific type of alt, non-binary, magical creature that can crawl over any obstacle, crawl through any hardship, and emerge a stronger, more assertive wurm. Commonly seen as companions of Kings, Lords, Counts, and other members of exotic royalty.
Look at that wurm over there, they're such a wurm.
by lepewps January 15, 2021
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