A cute word for someone's buttocks.

Usually meant in a good way, like a funny wunny means a funny ass, a bunny wunny is the fluffy tail of a rabbit, and a hunny wunny is like a sweet butt or person.
That babe's got some hot wunny!
by katitong August 12, 2005
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1. having the characteristics of being both weird and funny at the same time.
2. weird + funny
It would be so wunny if this taco could talk.
by callmewebster November 04, 2014
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a word of the "stoner" dialect meaning "one-hitter," indicating a single-hit pipe.
"Pass me the wunnie."
by deathtobees January 04, 2004
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A name you call an adorable person who is an extreme fan of bunnies and is a softie for fluffy animals. <3
The volunteer in the animal shelter is such a bunny wunny!
by Fartmuffin July 02, 2016
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-a funni ass lover that is funni and sexi as fuck
-makes u laugh and want to sex them at the same time
-aka tony
tony is my funni wunni lover
by Calina November 03, 2007
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The idiot who hears your joke, which was such a good one, and he tee-hee’s and decides
To say “gee, funnie-wunnie!” What most don’t know is by saying this it literally kills
About 89.72% of your brain cells. So take heed in front of idiots.
You: *says a joke about calcium*
Idiot that didn’t even get it: funnie-Wunnie!
by Lord Zorlax November 07, 2019
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