Initially famous for being an above average footballer, winning loads of awards, trophies and medals, his fame has been catapulted into infamy due to recent allegations concerning his private life, and the efforts he is willing to make to conceal such allegations.

Although some celebrities are quite happy to be punished by tabloid newspapers for their infidelity, Ryan Giggs believes he can use a team of highly paid, short-sighted, cretinous london lawyers to silence not only the british press but also the internet.

Given the british public's desire for a right to freedom of speech and information, they decided to give this idea the middle finger by repeatedly spreading and publishing the story of Ryan Giggs' ploughing of Imogen Thomas all over social networking site Twitter. It is estimated that more people have read about the story online now than the entire daily readership of the daily british press. Therefore the aforementioned Giggs looks like a bit of a silly sausage.

Consequently to 'ryan giggs' is to throw millions of pounds at people, lawyers, judges and attorneys to try and keep a story quiet. And failing.
Ryan Giggs put a superinjunction on my face
by hegemonicracoon May 23, 2011
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Ryan Giggs is one of the greatest ever Man-United players that ever lived and still is.He can also take on defenders and score a beautiful goal.
Player 1 takes the ball past a defender and scores.
Team mate says "whoa u just did a Ryan Giggs.
by Stevie White August 20, 2006
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Simply one of the most majestic players to have graced the Premier League. His finest hour was undoubtedly scoring an amazinng winner for Manchester United against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final at Villa Park. Such a shame he will probably never play in a major international tournament.
Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Running down the wing, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Can do anything, Feared by the Blues, Loved by the Reds, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs.
by PRIDE_OF_NORTH_LONDON January 16, 2007
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An unbelievably successful and truly fantastic footballer who plays for Manchester United. He's an attacking left-footed left winger with great ability in terms of speed, dribbling the ball and leaving even the very best defenders with 'twisted blood'.
He has played for United since he joined the youth teams in 1988, aged 14, and is still playing for United in 2008, aged 34, TWENTY YEARS LATER - which shows his amazing, completely unmatched loyalty to the club.
He has played 700+ games for United, and is currently second in the all time appearances record behind Bobby Charlton (although by the time you're reading this, he may well have overtaked Charlton's record)
He has won the league NINE TIMES as of the end of the 2006/07 season - this is a record in English football history (no one has ever won as many).
As well as winning 9 Premier Leagues, he has also won 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups and 1 Champions League - making him THE most decorated player in the premiership (and, like, joint most decorated player EVER).
A truly legendary player, he scored THAT goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final replay at Villa Park in 1999 - which was later voted: 1. Goal of the century, 2. Best goal in the FA Cup competition, 3. Best moment in the FA Cup competition (which has been going on for over 100 years) and 4. Best Manchester United goal. He picked up the ball YARDS behind the half-way line and then dribbled way over half the entire length of the pitch and through the ENTIRE Arsenal defence (which was world-class at the time), going past some players twice, to score the magnificent goal.
He was born in Wales but moved to Manchester aged 7, and so, unfortunately for us English, wasn't applicable to play for the English side. If he'd been English he would have WITHOUT A DOUBT earned over 100 caps by now, and who knows, probably helpled England progress a bit further in the competitions.
The World Cup is the only trophy he hasn't won. He was won everything else, usually more that once.
Legend. Pure LEGEND.
Q. Who's the most successful footballer of all time?

A. Ryan Giggs.

Q. Who's the best left winger of all time?

A. Ryan Giggs.

Q. Who's the greatest player that ever played for Manchester United?

by Alice Maria January 17, 2008
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