An adaptation of wrecked used by people with norther accents
man I'm totally wracked, I'm going home
by Marshel Plant February 7, 2006
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A term used to describe large quantities (originating from the DC Metro area)
He a pimp, he got a wrack of bitches.
by Hasani1 December 21, 2006
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To be in an inebriated state of drunkeness, but still able to form a sly grin and light a cigarette to impress your friends. Put more simply, another way of saying "I'm wasted".

Can also be used when not drunk at all purely for humour value, or in anticipation of a drinking session.
"A wracked lid, Storm over 21's aye? See ye"
by dubya_is_wracked_lol August 5, 2006
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An absolutely divine pair of voluptuous tittays
John: God, Tina's looking incredible today.
Chris: Yeah, she's got an absolute cracking wrack. I'd definitely motorboat those massive baps.

John: Damn right.
by ahmedofahmedovs June 30, 2022
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Rubbish, when refering to an object, person or place or event.
England lost because we are wracked-off at the moment.

Did you see their striker he was wracked-off.
by Blackcountry_wench September 30, 2010
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The grasping of the outside of the female breasts and slapping them together. If performed correctly, a clapping sound will occur.
Tara looks really good today. I wouldn't mind snap wrackin those titties.
by Timmy Thomkins November 19, 2006
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Where your balls sag so much and when you walk they hit the side of your legs
by Myworld May 16, 2016
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