a guy who is very athletic, he is also a bit of a geek and loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
Despite his love for Fantasy, he really loves to be with people and enjoy their company. He loves his music

(mostly Rock or Metal) and loves to watch a movie. When he is with a girl, he can be a little bit shy and doesn't

know how to react properly. But when you take the time to know him he can be one of your best friends
A: He is really into Fantasy and Metal
B: Yeah, I know. He is a bit of a Wout, ...
but he turns out allright when you know him
by CCCCCcombobreaker May 12, 2013
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a dickhead who thinks his muscles are better than a girlfriend and shaves his chest regularly for his own enjoyment
if you keep wouting around with me i'm leaving you for good
by Je-re-my January 19, 2006
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When someone outs you for playing World of Warcraft in front of your friends.
Sarah: "Yeah, Patty plays WoW."
Others: "Whaaaaaat? Shameful!"
Patty: "Aww, f my life, I just got wouted
by ManualDishes May 07, 2011
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a wout is an average looking boy with a much bigger dick than you expected him to have
‘omg your dick must be so small
‘nah it’s actually very big’
‘oh your such a wout
by vivi anne July 13, 2020
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He is the younger brother of three.

Feels lonely and useless most of the time.
Loves trains and cars and playstation.
Wout never has any friends, and lives in a remote location away from civilization.
This has induced dangerous and peculiar ways of life.
Wout is dangerous!
by olly949494xxxxxxxOOOOOOOcoolN1 January 15, 2014
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Wout has a very very small cock. Please dont choose a Wout girls.
Girl: Wanna have sex
Wout: fuck yeah -shows cock-
Girl: fuck no
by fajdjajwdja November 07, 2019
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