eh what did you say i was worlding for a minute then
by Azz420 October 1, 2006
a stand that can stop time. the length of time being stopped depends on the user
The World!!! You see Jotaro I can stop time for 5 seconds. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
by drag king May 20, 2019
The stand that DIO uses in jojo’s bizarre adventure. Also another name for the earth, but mainly a jojo reference.
You: The world is the best!
Me: No, STPTW (star platinum the world) is!
by codenamedoIphin November 17, 2020
violence, death, corruption- tis the world we live in
by ItsAllBeenDone April 30, 2004
A place, where we live. A place where spend our lives.
by The amaze lover March 5, 2017