A pretty cool game that's gotten a bad rap because some r-tards say that WoW ruined their life. It's not an addiction if you can manage without it. Just playing all the time doesn't make it an addiction. Like football, but no one says that's an addiction.
Fatass who gets media attention: World of Warcraft made meh phat!

Normal player who doesn't: Hell yeah I play WoW! It's a pretty cool game.

Heavy player: I play WoW around 4 hours a day, but I still have a job and RL friends.
by Twentilla, Lord of Awesome August 01, 2008
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A secondary life for those whos lives suck to much. Players are usually at the sad, rock bottom of the social scale
World of Warcraft is used by many as an alternative to having friends, a job, a car, a girlfriend, or just a life in general.
by beerman91 October 17, 2009
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To learn addiction, to lose the meaning of life, gives you an anti-tan, the 10 day trial is a scam (it turns into at least a 10 month addiction)...
"Who needs a Ring of Marriage when you got Ring of Lethality"

"Wifes can be like rogues, go behind your back and screw other people"

"If only life was as simple as World of Warcraft, Example: Wife tells you she's pregnant , *POPS VANISH*
by Blah Blah Blah Jesse March 19, 2008
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Addiction (a-dick-shun). When playing it is the meaning of life to the player. Players play constantly to become the ultimate WoW player. AKA LEEEEERRRRROOOOOOYYYYYY JJJJEEEENNNNNNKIIIIIINNNNNSSSSSS
I have no life, have to play World of Warcraft.
by Kawub August 01, 2010
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you will only probably get addicted
about the same chance as with alcohol, cigs, cocaine, crystal meth, food, or sleep
its all good...
blizzard got superduper loaded with cash because of that fifteen dollars a month thing...
the best is the buying of the gold thing...
dude they should just make an injection where it feels like you have been playing world of warcraft for like five hours and you can experience life outside the room with the computer in it... that would kick ass... and be very expensive...
crack in cd- rom form
by joe dimagio October 31, 2005
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alright enough of all this bullshit. your all crazy. WoW is addictive yes, but you guys who are like "oh its for fas with no life" are being hippocritical because YOUR the one with no life, because you actually took the time to look all of this up, and post on your phonie bolognie assed shit! alright? im not going to give that "oh im a WoW player, but i still have a life" crap. I play the game a lot, and im not failing all of my courses, im not doing as good as i could be, but that is not necessarily cause of WoW

"oh your a looser cause you play world of warcraft"
"really? your the one who took the time out of your day to say that to me, you fool"
by Jordanmandudeguy December 31, 2006
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An awesome game that is fun to play and easy to learn.
Also the one game you won't pwn your girlfriend at.
No matter how much you want your girlfriend to share your interests, don't show her world of warcraft. In a week she'll be lvl 70 and you'll be the one telling her to get off!
by Gizwidget March 26, 2007
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