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Hockey played on the street rather than on a rink. It is a popular and long-time tradition for kids accross Canada and other regions (pressumably the northern United States). It is the same as regular hockey, but played on foot or rollerblades, and has no restriction on how many people can play. Sometimes a hollow plastic puck will be used, but often a tennis ball is used to replace the puck. When a car comes, everyone yells "CAR" and the goalies pick up the net and everyone walks to the side so the car can pass, then continues the game.

Also known as ball hockey or street hockey.
The best thing ever.

Kid1- "Wanna play road hockey after school? We got Billy, Fred, Sam, Paul, Jake, and Isaac so far, and Mike and Alex might come, too."
Kid2- "Fuck yes I wanna play road hockey. Shoes or rollerblades?"
Kid1- "Whatever you want"
Kid2- "Sweet"
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 13, 2008
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