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A weekend on which you have to work.
Paul: Hey Steve, wanna hit the beach on Saturday?
Steve: Can't. It's a workend.
by SJN October 06, 2005
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Derived from "weekend," a workend--pronounced work-end-- is what one has when one spends their Saturday, Sunday, and possibly even Friday, doing nothing but something.

To be blunt: saying "I had a workend" is a quick way of saying "I didn't do anything but work this weekend, fuck my life."
Bob: Jeff, you coming to the movies this week?
Jeff: Nah man, I've got a workend.
Bob: Sorry bro, that history paper's a bitch.

Alice: Hey Jeff, what'd you do this weekend?
Jeff: I had a workend.
Alice: That stinks. History paper?
Jeff: Yep.
by Workender March 01, 2010
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Bob: ''Hey man, fancy coming round this Saturday for a couple drinks?''
Jim: ''Sorry man, gotta workend''
Bob: ''Oh, that sucks''
by MikeMate October 19, 2014
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