doing something you hate in a place you hate with people you grow to hate for the majority of your day for the majority of your life.
we're not born to spend our lives at work, fuck this shit
by GreyAndBoring June 08, 2011
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A worldwide slave labour organisation used to control modern man and prevent independant thought from occuring in any form. This is the reason it's much harder to make anything of yourself working in creative arts, such as acting and singing - the government sees anyone more popular than them as a threat to their power. It is also an ingenious creation to make placebos such as computers and photocopiers look important to our way of life. Some may argue that the workplace is desigend to build character and learn about teamwork...others prefer to think of it as the perfect place to practise your aiming skills as you throw ball after ball of scrunched up paper into the bin in the corner, then make a little competition out of it with fellow colleagues.
You are here to work, not to have fun!
by Steve Milligan March 11, 2003
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Firey place of eternal torture.
syn: hell
I lived through another 8 hours of work today.
by {CD} darkness June 17, 2005
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chores of a slave ; Antonym of the word fun
"Man a job aint nuthin but WORK!"
by DFG January 14, 2003
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A thing that is so sucky that it requires paying money for it to be done. If it were easy then someone wouldn't be paying us to do it!
I had to work today. I have to work tommorrow, but alas I am not alone and understand that I'm being paid because my boss is too much of a pussy to do my job for me!
by DrMullet February 17, 2004
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