to snap you finger and say "Snap!" when something funny, good, bad or anyting happens to somebody or yourself.
"My friend said if you touch my butt I should slap your butt, too."

by Robin Hood March 10, 2005
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A term that means Yhasssssssssss, it expresses extreme approval for fashion, hair, or anything fabulous. While saying it one should clap and snap along with fling their hair, shake their head, and make fish lips.
"Honey, that weave is everything "Hand Claps and Finger Snaps" to the temples for offering the sacrifice of that weave!!!"
by A Shade of Lovely November 18, 2014
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(Coined by the infamous Kevin Hart during a live interview):

(adj.): A person or figure who is snap-finger famous is one whose cultural relevance balances between nonexistent and barely tangible.
*starts snapping fingers rhythmically*

"Aw, shit- what's that one useless bitch's name again?... Yeah, that one-"
*continues snapping fingers while furiously attempting to jog the memory*
"Yeah! That Kim Kardashian bitch, that's the one."

(snap-finger famous)
by Katanamaru June 12, 2019
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