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A lifestyle. Whyte Trash people can be of any race, socio-economic background, and sex. Usually labelled to white trashindividuals with an uncanny amount of money. These people will often buy racing or hot rod cars, expensive firearms, and large new trucks, like the hummer h2.

In a nutshell, whyte trash are white trash, but with more money.
That guy has a big house, somewhat matching clothes, and drives a brand new 4x4 Pickup truck...he seems to have too much money to be white trash, hence, he's whyte trash.
by DrMullet February 16, 2004
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The skilled act of sniffing ejaculate through the nasal opening, or nostril. Most conventionally via a funnel.
I blew it in her face, she snorted it in her nose. I tossed her a food stamp and jetted.
by DrMullet February 16, 2004
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A thing that is so sucky that it requires paying money for it to be done. If it were easy then someone wouldn't be paying us to do it!
I had to work today. I have to work tommorrow, but alas I am not alone and understand that I'm being paid because my boss is too much of a pussy to do my job for me!
by DrMullet February 18, 2004
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A place where inmates are tortured because of thier innate religious beliefs, hence the prison gaurds become the real criminals.
"They were only doing what they were told", and so were the inmates...
by DrMullet May 11, 2004
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Having a Ph of less that 7.0
I tripped on acid. A bottle of muriatic acid was left on the floor and I tripped over, that is.
by DrMullet February 18, 2004
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Fecal matter that has been expelled from the anus, then squeezed off. The protruding end flares against the underwear and thus creates a distinct hershey kiss shaped piece of shit.
Amanda: "I just squeezed off another hershey kiss."

Jon: "Girls don't actually shit or fart, do they?"
by DrMullet February 17, 2004
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1. A place where goods can be donated to be refurbished and sold. Usually benefits a non-profit organization. Saves landfill space, efficient, and overall benefits the community.
Hot dumb girl in expensive clothes: "Oh that's a nice shirt"

Me in stained thrift store garb: "They make me cooler than you."

Hot girl: "How so?"

Me: "I'm a moron."

Hot Girl: "Fo shizzle my nizzle"

okay, I totally killed this entry...
by DrMullet February 16, 2004
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